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Bigger pump range and turnkey controls from Colfax

Thu 09 Mar 2017

Bigger pump range and turnkey controls from Colfax

Colfax Fluid Handling introduced two developments to its pump technology during 2016: new sizes of its Allmarine MI-D centrifugal pump, and a turnkey version of its CM-1000 electronic pump controller.

The MI-D pumps now have a capacity of up to 3,900m3 per hour and delivery head of up to 50m. They are suitable for seawater and fresh water for cooling and ballast systems. The CM-1000 is for cooling water pumps, and can be pre-installed in new ships or installed while underway and brought into service without downtime.

With its expanded range, the MI-D series covers the needs of ships ranging from about 60 dwt to more than 200,000 dwt, the company said when it exhibited the pump at the SMM exhibition in September 2016. It is a double-suction pump with a symmetrical design, but has just one shaft seal and no internal bearings. “The MI-D is probably the lightest and smallest water pump for large flow rates, yet it also has an outstanding service life and extraordinary efficiency in marine applications,” said director of product management Christian Martin.

The CM-1000 controls the flow through cooling seawater pumps to suit the temperature of the fresh water and current cooling requirements, which saves considerable amounts of electricity, Colfax reported. It was launched in 2014 but now, in its turnkey version, its complete electronics are supplied as a ‘cabinet solution,’ including frequency converters, that needs only to be wired into the ship. When the ship is at a standstill or slow steaming in a cold environment, CM-1000 shuts down the pumps completely and switches them back on automatically as required.

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