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Crowcon targets portable units at marine market

Tue 07 Mar 2017

Crowcon targets portable units at marine market
Crowcon’s T4 gas detector can help meet Solas XI-1/7 (credit: Crowcon)

With the entry into force of IMO’s Solas regulation XI-1/7 on 1 July 2016, the gas detection specialist Crowcon has identified two of its portable units as suitable to enable ships to comply with its requirements: its Gas-Pro and T4 multi-gas detectors.

The Gas-Pro can monitor up to five gases, including the four specified in the Solas regulation: oxygen, flammable gas, hydrogen sulphide and carbon monoxide. It has an integrated pump to sample and test the atmosphere inside an enclosed space prior to entry.

Crowcon’s T4 detector monitors four gases and, when used with a manual aspirator, “provides an excellent alternative solution for sampling atmospheres in enclosed spaces,” the company said in a statement. It is described as lightweight but robust and can withstand drop-testing from up to 4m.

They can both be tested and calibrated on board ship using Crowcon’s I-Test bump-test and calibration station. The company said that this needs minimal training and it provides an audit trail of the time and result of each safety check.

The Gas-Pro and T4 units are certified to meet the EU’s Marine Equipment Directive, as are a number of other Crowcon detectors.

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