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On the radar: why Emerson are now ‘market leaders’

Wed 19 Apr 2017

On the radar: why Emerson are now ‘market leaders’
Emerson’s new tank radar headquarters in Sweden (credit: Emerson)

Just 18 months after their launch, two marine tank radars introduced by US-based Emerson “lead the market,” according to Daniel Johansson, manager for marine tank gauging products and projects for Emerson Automation Solutions

What makes them special, he said, is their unique ability to include up to three measurement channels in one unit, allowing them to meet multiple needs in one radar. Furthermore, they are integrated into a cargo monitoring system.

They are manufactured in the company’s new tank radar centre near Gothenburg, where they are made under the company’s Rosemount trade name. Speaking to Tanker Shipping & Trade in March, Mr Johansson said the two new models had been sold to well over 100 projects, with several installations now at sea and showing good results.

The two devices are its Rosemount TGU 65, which has a still pipe antenna, and the Rosemount TGU 68, which has a parabolic antenna. They were developed to allow customers easier installation regardless of their application and needs, Mr Johansson said.

A version of the TGU 68 latter is also available for heated cargoes, with protection provided by a hinged heat protector. This has been specified by Sweden’s Tarbit Shipping for installation on two 9,400 dwt newbuilding bitumen tankers on order at RMK Marine Shipyard in Turkey. The first is due for delivery in May this year and the second in November.

Choosing the TGU 68 with the hinged heat protection allows triple radar channel measurement in one tank penetration, Mr Johansson said. This means that the operator can “stop worrying about its high level and overfill float level switches getting stuck or breaking.” Instead, they will rely on Emerson’s non-contacting radar technology for overfill protection.


Tank radar centre has global role

When US-based Emerson opened a radar technology centre near Gothenburg last year it created more than a factory: “It is the head office of all Emerson’s radar level measurement,” said Daniel Johansson, manager for marine tank gauging products and projects for Emerson Automation Solutions.  “This includes all aspects, from design and development through to production,” he told Tanker Shipping & Trade.

It represents a big investment for the company. At a cost of US$24.5 million, it replaced a former factory with 9,900m2 of manufacturing space and a 7,100m2 office area, accommodating around 350 employees. It also provides other services, such as support and training for users of its radar level measurement.

“This purpose-built facility enables us to strengthen our commitment to support our customers throughout the entire product lifecycle,” said Rasmus Johansson, managing director of Emerson’s Rosemount Tank Radar business.

Future developments for its monitoring devices will include options for remote access, reacting to market trends including ship-to-shore data transfer. “Emerson is dedicated to finding customer-friendly solutions for this and will be introducing new solutions in the near future,” Mr Johansson said.


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