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2019 shaping up to be a strong year for retrofits

Tue 19 Feb 2019 by Craig Jallal, tankers and markets editor

2019 shaping up to be a strong year for retrofits
Nakilat-Keppel Offshore & Marine shipyard: ideally situated on tanker trade lanes

Nakilat-Keppel Offshore & Marine expects the number of scrubber and ballast water treatment system retrofits to increase in 2019

A fleet of VLCCs that has gone in for work to retrofit scrubbers and ballast water treatment systems (BWTSs) is a sign of what is ahead, according to the shipyard that won the contract.

Nakilat-Keppel Offshore & Marine (N-KOM) has not revealed the tanker owner that awarded the contract in 2018 -- although various companies are known to be using the facilities. The first tanker entered the yard in September 2018 for both scrubber and BWTS retrofitting, but the majority of the work to be done to fulfil the contract is scheduled for 2019.

Further VLCCs from that fleet are due to enter the yard in Q1 2019, the second and third VLCCs of the series will undergo routine dockings and retrofit of an unnamed inline-type scrubber and an unnamed ballast water treatment system.

Among the various routes to achieve compliance ahead of the next round of air emissions requirements coming into force in 2020, opertators with modern but high fuel consuming vessels are looking at scrubbers as a solution, according to N-KOM.

The yard said it expects to see continued strong interest in scrubber retrofits in 2019 but is preparing itself to deliver other emissions abatement solutions, as well.

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