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Bernhard Schulte Shipmanagement and Columbia combine buying power

Wed 13 Jun 2018 by Craig Jallal, tankers and markets editor

Bernhard Schulte Shipmanagement and Columbia combine buying power
Mark O’Neil (Columbia), Ian Beveridge (BSM): Combining their global buying power through an independent procurement company

Bernhard Schulte Shipmanagement (BSM) and Columbia Shipmanagement have combined their global buying power to create GP General Procurement Company Limited (GenPro).

GenPro was formed to negotiate framework supply agreements with international ship suppliers on behalf of its members’ clients, with a view to securing the lowest prices achievable on all consumables.

This new agreement covers a pool of 800 BSM Schulte and Columbia Shipmanagement managed vessels.

BSM chief executive Ian Beveridge said: “We are pleased to be working with Columbia Shipmanagement to set up GenPro, a new company designed to deliver maximum value to our shipowner clients in a new and innovative way.”

BSM has several joint venture projects underway, including the development of LNG bunkering.

Mark O’Neil, chief executive and president of Columbia Shipmanagement, which recently merged with Marlow Shipmanagement, said: “GenPro represents optimisation of the procurement process in its purest form – a veritable ‘win-win’ for owners and suppliers alike.”

Columbia’s participation in the GenPro is seen as part of the ongoing digitalisation process underway in the group.

GenPro’s procurement efforts will include all products and consumables associated with the operation of the maritime business, onshore and offshore.

GenPro’s income is derived from a brokerage fee agreed with, and paid by, the ship supplier. It will also negotiate and agree volume-related discounts with the suppliers, which will be returned to GenPro members’ clients in full, according to GenPro.

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