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Marine Software gains class approval

Mon 18 Jul 2016 by Martyn Wingrove

Marine Software gains class approval

UK-based Marine Software Ltd has gained type approval from DNV GL for its Marine Planned Maintenance for Windows (MPMWin) program. This approval is valid until June 2021.

To save on survey costs outside of the five-year continuous machinery survey (CMS) cycle, a shipowner or operator can alternatively elect to implement a planned maintenance and survey system (PMS) for eligible survey items. This is provided the scheme has been approved by class prior to being implemented. A vessel complying with the requirements will then be assigned the PMS survey notation. 

The benefits of implementing a PMS survey scheme include reducing surveyor inspection visits and improving the flexibility. The number of items required to be opened up for class survey is reduced, and eligible items can be credited based on examinations by the chief engineer without the presence of a class surveyor. 

Machinery can be examined according to approved schedules and frequencies, according to manufacturer's guidance, documented operator experience and any condition monitoring scheme. This allows a flexible regime that is not dependent upon the CMS docking cycle. 

Using MPMWin software could also reduce survey and inspection duplication. Inspections are driven by the planned maintenance system and not by class next due dates. Therefore there is a reduction in the duplication of inspection/survey work that an item of machinery might incur. Any survey item not eligible under the PMS scheme will be surveyed and credited in the usual way.


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