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Norwegian suppliers set up 'one-stop shop' for oil spill response

Fri 09 Mar 2018 by Jamey Bergman

Norwegian suppliers set up 'one-stop shop' for oil spill response
As part of a multi-platform oil spill response, a tanker can be called in to house the oil recovered by Framo's TransRec system

Norway's Framo, Maritime Partner, Norbit Aptomar, and NorLense are partnering in a venture to integrate their separate oil spill response technologies into a single service.

The group of suppliers have created the oil spill recovery vessel (OSRV) group, as Framo area manager for oil and gas pumping systems Jørgen Brandt Theodorsen said, to “pool our efforts and act as a total systems supplier of safe, highly functional, and well-tested technology".

"Our aim is to be a one-stop-shop," he said. "The emergency response equipment has undergone thorough testing and quality assurance drawing on 40 years of oil spill response experience."

Among the components offered by the group are Norbit Aptomar’s radar and infrared camera, high-speed vessels from Maritime Partner, oil containment booms from NorLense and Framo's TransRec Oil Skimmer System. 

The OSRV group also offers vessel conversions aimed at making use of laid-up supply vessel tonnage. 

According to Norbit Aptomar's Lars Solberg, "supply vessels can easily be upgraded and used as part of new emergency response tenders. It is quick and easy for shipowners to convert existing vessels in order to offer new services to oil companies."

Delivery time for the full system is eight weeks, according to a statment from the group, who also emphasised that, once installed, its system enables a quick response to a rapidly-developing spill. 

“In an oil spill situation, every minute counts. Water and oil expand when mixed. Similar to a fire, a small oil slick can grow very large if not dealt with at an early stage. This may result in significant costs and environmental damage," Mr Brandt Theodorsen said, adding that a tanker can be called in to house the oil recovered by Framo's TransRec system. 

In an unfolding oil spill scenario, the system uses Norbit Aptomar’s radar and infrared camera technology to identify and map an oil slick. This can be contained with booms from NorLense and recovered onto a vessel with the Framo’s TransRec oil skimmer system. Maritime Partner’s high-speed vessels can be used for pulling equipment such as booms in position, working with tugs in a maritime emergency.

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